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Current Issues within Dumbreck June 2021.

A number of roads have been recognised as being severely defective. Attached is a report please click on the link. This report was discussed at the Community Council meeting on Wednesday 14th April, and forwarded to Glasgow City Council  Neighbourhood and Sustainability (present at the meeting.)

We would urge residents to report any potholes/defective road surfaces via the Glasgow City Council App, or Roads and Lighting Faults 0800 373 635.

Current Issues within Dumbreck


Dumbreck Road Update for residents

Dumbreck Community Council have compiled a report explaining the current position on Dumbreck Road. We would urge you to read the report and if you have any comments the Community Council email address is attached in the report.

Dumbreck Rd update for residents


We now have a dedicated FACEBOOK page, so if you search for Dumbreck Community Council and click on the join button we will be glad to hear from you.

Whilst using the website we would ask if their is anything that you would like added to the  site which could be beneficial to the local community. Dumbreck Community Council cannot accept responsibility of any content of other websites that are mentioned on this website. We try to ensure that all content herein is factual and accurate, however if you find anything that you feel is not correct or cannot access any links. Please contact us on Dumbreck.CC@gmail.com

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