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NEWSLETTER                                May 2018

Parking controls will be introduced for Ibrox match day events, limiting parking in the area to residents only. There will be provisions for churches, businesses, disabled permit holders and community groups. There is ample public transport provision to the stadium and this scheme is designed to discourage motorists, attending an event at Ibrox Stadium, from using the surrounding residential areas as a car park to the detriment of road safety and the general amenity of the area.

Restrictions would start 3 hours before the event commences and finish 1 hour after the event ends.

These restrictions will be mainly in residential areas. Parking within these areas will be permitted to permit holders only and is already in place near similar venues around the city.

Further details can be found on the following sites

http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/saferparking (LINK)

https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=36287&p=0 (LINK)

This is a significant change for Dumbreck and a welcomed improvement to the season of football parking. It is important that all residents give a response to the Traffic Regulation Order and it is suggested that a short email or letter is adequate.

However it is anticipated that there will be many objections raised by RFC supporters and it is important that there is a balance of comment and opinions to the proposals. It is necessary for you as residents to make your voice heard regarding these proposals.

It should also be noted that both ongoing controls enforcement and the criteria for issuing of permits, caps, restrictions of use and remedies in the event of breech of conditions have been formally logged with the Glasgow City Council for resolution.

Letters of support for the scheme should be made in writing to Andy Waddell, Head of Infrastructure and Environment, Land and Environmental Services, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX                                                                                                        or by email to saferparking-ibroxstadium@glasgow.gov.uk                                                (please copy Dumbreck.cc@gmail.com).

A few lines are all that is necessary as shown below.

“You are a resident of Dumbreck and in support of the implementation of the Event Day Zone Parking scheme in this area.”

“Comment on the current impact and potential improvement to the Dumbreck area”,

“Include your Name and Address”

The last date for responses is Friday the 25th of May and we encourage all residents to respond (the more the better and that means all members of a household and friends and family travelling to the area that are inconvenienced).

Newsletter funded by Glasgow City Council.

The Public Consultation is now underway, please visit the Glasgow City Council website via the link below to view the proposals and comment. (LINK)


Friends of Bellahouston Park Public Meeting Thursday 7th June2018


The acts have been announced for the August Summer Sessions Concert 2018.

Kings of Leon                                    Wednesday 22 August

Catfish and the Bottlemen             Saturday 25 August

Kendrick Lamar                                Wednesday 29 August

Further Community Engagement meetings are planned, this will also include the annual Boyne Parade which takes Place on Saturday 7th July 2018. Once the the Community Council has a clearer picture of the details involved in the Parade we will publish them here and on our Facebook page.



Glasgow Park events 2018 (LINK)


Glasgow City Council Refuse and Recycling Collection calendar (LINK)

We now have a dedicated FACEBOOK page, so if you search for Dumbreck Community Council and click on the join button we will be glad to hear from you.

Whilst using the website we would ask if their is anything that you would like added to the  site which could be beneficial to the local community. Dumbreck Community Council cannot accept responsibility of any content of other websites that are mentioned on this website. We try to ensure that all content herein is factual and accurate, however if you find anything that you feel is not correct or cannot access any links. Please contact us on Dumbreck.CC@gmail.com


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