Dumbreck Road Update for Residents

Amended 13th May 2021

As we come out of Lockdown, it is apparent that the volume of traffic on Dumbreck Road is clearly rising again. We are of the opinion sooner rather than later residents will be faced the with situation they faced pre Covid 19.

As a Community Council it is only proper that we ask for your views regarding the Traffic on Dumbreck Road and its impact on you the residents. Some residents may be happy with the way Dumbreck Road is being used, others may not or have no opinion on its use. Its important that we harness as much opinion on the road as possible.

We have attached the “Collated Notes regards Dumbreck Road traffic impacts and proposals” dated the 2nd April 2021. This document was presented to Dumbreck Community Council by Cllr Molyneux, who requested this information from all parties with involvement with Dumbreck Road.

Collated Notes Response 2nd April 2021 (LINK)

We appreciate this is a lengthy document however by reading it, it may assist you in formulating any responses. Please do take the time to read the document and email your thoughts / opinions to your Community Council Dumbreck.CC@gmail.com

It is clear that Glasgow City Council expect the volume to increase on Dumbreck Road. This has serious effects as mentioned  in our report. For a Community to have the Glasgow City Council to basically note the HGV companies, then call them so they can make them aware of Seaward Street is wrong.

No matter what commuter traffic / HGV traffic will continue to increase year on year.

For nearly 20 years the Community Council have been fighting to get Dumbreck Rd back to some sort of traffic flow pre M77 construction. However despite our many arguments and evidence, sadly nothing appears to have worked. Measures put in place by Glasgow City Council and Transport Scotland, have had no significant impact on traffic flow.

The realignment of Dumbreck Rd B768 was to reduce the volume and type of vehicles on the road. Ensuring that the road was unattractive as possible for vehicles using it as connector between the M77 and M8 and vice versa making them use the expensive Seaward Street loop. This has not worked.

A traffic census commissioned by Glasgow City Council in 2018 and 2019 bear this out as can be seen with the figures below.

                             2019 Survey     2018 Survey                 % Difference

Total Cars: –           20700               19137                          +8.1%

Total LGVs: –         2660                 2343                            +13.5%

Total OGV1s: –       373                   384                             -2.8%

Total OGV2s: –       207                   113                             +83.1%

Total Other: –          127                   117                              +8.5%

LGVs are transit style vehicles

OGV1 vehicles are HGVs that do not have a trailer

OGV2 vehicles are HGVs with trailers.

Using the agreed Traffic Census figures, the Community Council have found: –

181 OGV2 vehicles travelled on Dumbreck Road out with peak times and this equates to one every 6 minutes.

308 OGV1 vehicles travelled on Dumbreck Road out with peak times and this equates to one every 3½ minutes.

15,566 Cars travelled on Dumbreck Road out with peak times and this equates to 14.41 cars every 1 minute.

Something is not right when 13% of the traffic is on Peak Flow, and 86% of traffic is out with this period.

In 2019 the M77 at Junction 1 the average daily flow of all vehicles was 92,466 and the HGV flow was 4596

On the 13th Jan 2017 Glasgow City Council Roads Dept agree that the Dumbreck Road realignment has not worked.

A meeting took place in October this year and the following questions were raised by us.

  • The “Use the Loop” campaign that was launched which in our opinion has been found to be ineffectual and not implemented and policed properly.
  • The M77 / M8 interchange at Peak Flow Times is saturated and filled to capacity, therefore drivers will take the easiest route to bypass this. Namely Dumbreck Road.
  • Dumbreck Rd has been described as A “Strategic Route” A “Trunk Rd”, not by this Community Council. So, what is Glasgow City Council calling Dumbreck Rd along with Transport Scotland because neither bodies can deflect the blame or responsibility. This is a problem brought about by both bodies not firmly and robustly dealing with the issue.

So, the answer later given by Glasgow City Council is that Dumbreck Road is a “Major Distributor Route” which should see a substantial capacity. Does that mean Glasgow City Council are happy with the volume and future extrapolations!

  • The traffic light Phasing exiting from the M77 Slip Road onto the northbound Dumbreck Rd has been altered allowing it easier for this traffic to have a clear run-down Dumbreck Rd. We will also add that the central reserve at this location has been narrowed. In our opinion to facilitate the ease of traffic turning onto Dumbreck Rd!
  • Urrdale Road being used as a relief route between Dumbreck Rd and Nithsdale Rd.

No response on this matter.

  • The cycle lane used for social distancing during Lockdown included between the M77 and Mosspark Boulevard was a necessity. However, Glasgow City Council removed this portion, why? Simply in our view traffic backed onto the M77. By using the dual use pavement is wrong if you wish to state this. Visually and hearing-impaired people cannot hear or see cyclists. It is clear a dedicated cycle lane is required.

The answer later given was that at the behest of Transport Scotland it was removed as traffic was backing up on the slip lane.

  • We have an increase in volume. An increase in speed out with Peak Flow. HGVs bullying car drivers and likewise with other drivers. This occurs between Torridon Ave and Dumbreck Ave.

The only response has been to put in some extra throwback arrows. Again, this has been ineffectual.

  • Damage to the road surface and inspection covers, which can clearly be placed at the weight and volume of traffic.

No response on this matter.

  • So to extrapolate. In 10 years using the agreed figures.

Total Increase of all traffic between 20%-80%

But more frightening

Total Increase of OGV2 830%

Despite all the meetings we have had over the years from discussions on Realignment / Surveys etc etc. We the Community are not in the same position; we are in a worse position as year on year the volume has and is increasing. We accept as society increases the use of motorised transport will increase, but not to the detriment of Dumbreck Residents.

The only added response by Glasgow City Council is that someone or some group approaches vehicle sat Nav Companies to make Dumbreck Rd a less viable route. They have also asked the Community Council for suggestions which we have done.

However, the Community Council feel it is only correct that residents have access to the current information and position of Dumbreck Rd. We are asking you for your opinions on where we are with Dumbreck Rd, and how you may think we should proceed with this issue.

Please email responses Dumbreck.CC@gmail.com


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