Dumbreck Road.

Dumbreck Road

A site meeting took place on the 25th January 2018. Present were Baillie Macleod, Jamie Rodden LES (Land and Environmental Services) Roads Dept, John Corbett and Mark Campbell DCC. Transport Scotland were not present. The entire length of the Road was looked at and the following points were made to the Council.



  1. The off ramp from the M77 allows two lanes of traffic to turn left onto Dumbreck Rd, doubling the number of vehicles gaining access to Dumbreck Rd, why is this so.
  2. LES will look at increasing the move over arrows to give drivers more notice to get in lane prior to Dumbreck Ave. Currently drivers ignore them and force their way into the offside lane. It is hoped this will impact on driver behaviour. COMPLETED
  3. Realignment of Dumbreck rd. between Dargarvel Avenue and Torridon Ave. This will keep the two lanes but reduce the pinch point at the bus stop. COMPLETED
  4. Dumbreck Rd at the junction with Nithsdale rd. It has been highlighted to the LES on  numerous occasions that this junction is an accident waiting to happen. The offside junction is a dedicated right turn lane; however, drivers encroach the junction and put themselves into conflict with southbound vehicles. The junction is being looked at and one of the proposals was to have the traffic lights altered in that the nearside lane would have the filter for going ahead, the dedicated right turn lane would be controlled by a red light legally stopping drivers entering the junction. To turn right would be controlled by the phasing of the traffic lights. STILL OUSTANDING
  5. Drivers approaching this junction (Dumbreck Rd at the junction with Nithsdale rd) from the M8 are on occasions not complying with the red lights as they are seeing the green light at Dumbreck Court, thinking that is the light controlling this junction. Again, LES will review this. STILL OUTSTANDING
  6. The bend opposite the entrance to the Ski centre/Hospice. This part of the road is dangerous again highlighted by the DCC on numerous occasions. LES will be looking at altering the road layout.  It was suggested by LES, from the motorway drivers will be faced with one lane between Urrdale rd. and Melfort avenue then returning to the current layout. A dedicated right turn lane into the park will be constructed in this realignment and the current one lane towards the motorway(northbound) will remain. Basically, currently at this junction it is 4 lanes, 2 southbound/1 right turn lane/1 lane northbound, which if it goes ahead will become three lanes. COMPLETED
  7. It has also been highlighted by this Community Council on numerous occasions, that the pavement adjacent to Craigie Hall on Dumbreck rd. opposite the ski centre is dangerous due to its narrowness. It is felt that due to the volume of traffic including HGVs it makes pedestrians vulnerable to traffic. This is further borne out as the kerb has been damaged caused by vehicles mounting the kerb/pavement to negotiate the bend. COMPLETED AS PER ISSUE 6
  8. With the high numbers of HGVs on Dumbreck Rd it has always been this Community Councils purpose to have this reduced, and to keep all motorway traffic on the motorway system and not to use Dumbreck Rd as a connector between the M77 and M8. A use the loop media campaign will be rolled out shortly, and currently signs are up on some poles. TO BE REVIEWED
  9. A further meeting will be planned between LES Roads/Transport Scotland/Ward 6 Councillors and Dumbreck Community council.